Does your family celebrate Christmas??????? Do you have a tree at your house???????

my sefid co-worker, to me, about an hour or so ago

also noteworthy: another co-worker asking me why I majored in women’s, gender and sexuality studies

does this happen to biochem/business/english majors??? do folks ask you to explain shit to them????

(I wonder what it’s like to feel entitled enough to ask people to explain themselves on the spot???? believe it or not, I make a concerted effort to refrain from douchefuckery in the workplace.)

  1. zanzoobamagdoos said: Tell him what i tell the salvation army workers, stop assuming everyone celebrates your holiday and get it together, im not morally bereft for wanting to throw a stack of books at you everytime you smugly wish me a merry xmas
  2. 11162343-deactivated20120914 said: lol I rang up an APD and his chica and they both had buttons on that said “I’ts OKAY to say Merry Christmas” with the AFA url underneath
  3. nuravebrainwave said: i’m an english major and people used to be like “Well whose your favorite author then what are your favorite books have you read Shakespeare blah blah blah blah blah
  4. thekailife said: I always love the “what are you gonna do with that?” question when i tell people about my degree. that, and the “what do you MEAN you don’t have a christmas tree?” when I tell them I don’t have one.
  5. foozool said: girl where u wrk atttt. Also yes, this happens to me as well, with sociology :(:(
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