I’m in the process of moving and I’ve never been so exhausted

Baby beauty

Baby beauty

Listening to Cantaloupe Island on repeat for sustenance

this literal angry pink mom at work said that she sent her son to a summer camp where they scare the kids with ghost stories and chainsaws in the middle of the night 

this is what white people do for fun 

they pay people to scare the feces out of them 

that level of exhaustion where you’re too tired to eat but need the food so you eat anyway 

Adulthood is very weird and I can never figure out if I like it or if I want to cry

Maybe this is all just a dream and I’ll wake up in the back of a classroom or on my mom’s sofa tomorrow morning

You’re a VERY colorful girl — Man at the furniture store to me earlier this evening

I’m not gonna lie, hearing Blue Ivy say “good job, mommy!” really made me tear up, but I couldn’t cry because I have work this morning and already applied my eyeliner