miaumiau replied to your postSome white people taarof without even knowing it,…

I hate taarof!!! so posed/insincere. I think the idea of offering + pressing to cover the bill is/can be soo sweet…. but as auto ritual just feels hella phony


#Ferguson #Mike Brown


#Ferguson #Mike Brown

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This issue is super important to me. I got a degree in natural resource sciences and none of my main courses ever discussed it—I only became cognizant of it when I started studying eco-feminism.

well I’ll be fucking damned…

the least boring tuna salad you’ll ever make:

can of tuna, drained

small dollop of mayo

a lot of sriracha 

mix together thoroughly 

red onion

green onion


lemon juice 

shredded carrots 

you can cut up pieces of cucumber and use those as “chips” 


(a cheap, fast, hearty lunch that’s fun to prepare. goes very nicely with pistachios and dates) 

sabahelnoor replied to your postthe people — usually white and very comfortably…

All thanks to the power hungry

liberals who only care about environmental issues, but don’t ever discuss or support magnifying/mending/eliminating environmental racism 

the people — usually white and very comfortably middle-class — who say “these are different times we’re living in… this is a scary world” are the same people who frame things as “before 9/11” and “after 9/11,” which is fucking terrifying because they’re contributing to the obfuscation of so much of this planet’s tumultuous history… things have always been fucked, the world has always been scary, empires will be empires   

Blonde white dad at the gas station who checks himself out in a mirror while he leaves the gas pump unattended

Those obnoxious people who have sports utility vehicles that are larger than other folks’ homes